Swann-Morton ACM Tool Set


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The Swann-Morton ACM Tool Set contains a selection of 13 different blades and 3 handles which are suitable for a range of model making tasks

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The Swann-Morton ACM Tool Set contains a comprehensive selection of 13 blades and three handles specially designed for a range of craft and model making tasks.

Each blade in the ACM Tool Set is made from precision ground carbon steel. The three handles are designed for different tasks, making the Swann-Morton ACM Tool Set are versatile kit suitable for all model makers.

The ACM No.1 Handle is a light duty, stainless steel handle which is used for smaller, lightweight tasks and the cutting of soft materials.

ACM No.2 Handle is slightly thicker than ACM No.1 Handle and is used with medium density materials. ACM No.3 Handle is a heavier, thicker craft knife similar to a box cutter which allows a firmer grip in the palm of the hand for the cutting of thick materials in larger craft projects.

The Swann-Morton ACM Tool Set is extremely versatile and can be used for the trimming of light and medium weight materials, precision trimming, stencilling, scoring and etching as well as corner cuts, deburring, stripping and gasket cutting.

The set comes in a robust blue carry case allowing the user to easily transport their tools around. For those with more specific requirements or who wish to buy replacement blades from the Swann-Morton ACM Range, each blade and handle is also sold separately. Please see our Swann-Morton ACM No.1 Set and Swann-Morton ACM No.2 & No.5 Sets pages for more information.

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