Swann-Morton ACM No.1 Handle

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Swann-Morton ACM No.1 Handle is a stainless steel handle designed for the precision cutting of soft materials. It comes with an ACM No.11 Blade

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Swann-Morton ACM No.1 Handle is a light duty, stainless steel handle which is suitable for use with Swann-Morton Size 1 Blades.

ACM No.1 Handle is similar in size and appearance to a pen and is gripped in the same way. It has been designed for precision cutting of soft materials and smaller, lightweight tasks.

The handle comes with a Swann-Morton ACM No.11 Blade. Other blades can also be purchased for the ACM No.1 Handle – please ensure that you have the correct handle for the required blade before ordering.

The ACM No.1 Handle can be purchased as part of the Swann-Morton ACM Tool Set. The set contains one of each of the handles and blades from the ACM No.1, No.2 and No.5 ranges.

This gives the user all the tools they need to carry out a range of craft and model making tasks available at a cheaper cost than when buying items individually. The kit is stored in a robust, easy-to-carry case.

Blades that fit this handle:

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