Pewter 92 Lead Free Casting Alloy – 1kg


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High grade casting pewter which is lead and nickel free and suitable for every kind of scale model and jewellery making project

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Pewter 92 is a very high grade, lead free casting alloy suitable for every kind of model and jewellery making project.

It is rich in tin with additions of copper and antimony and is subject to the requirements of BSEN611-1:1995 & British Standard 5140:1974.

The quality of the alloying process is governed by mixing the correct proportions of the constituent metals and other factors including strict temperature control, refining and pouring techniques.

Pewter 92 has excellent flow properties. It produces highly detailed castings and give a very shiny finish which can be polished if required.

Amongst its most common applications are creating masters, wargame figures, figurines, delicate figures, jewellery components, giftware, bulky pieces and kits including model cars.

Being lead free, Pewter 92 is the perfect material for casting items in contact with food or drink.

It is sold in pack sizes of 1kg


  • Melting point: 245°C
  • Operating Temperature: 285°C
  • Density (Approximately): 7.27

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