Empty Clear 500ml PET Plastic Pump Handle Bottle (50 Box)

£18.00 inc. VAT

A surplus of stock means we have high-quality Clear 500ml PET Plastic Bottles with a white pump handle available in boxes of 50 at a heavily discounted price

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The empty high-quality Clear 500ml PET Plastic Pump Handle Bottle is the ideal refillable bottle for use in both the workplace and the home.

It can be easily filled with soap, shampoo, body wash, lotion, hand sanitiser and other cleaning products. The white pump handle dispenser makes extracting the contents simple.

The 500ml PET Plastic Bottle is great for presenting products to customers in businesses such as hairdressers and salons. It can be used in other places of work such as offices to make hand sanitising simple.

In the home environment, it is suitable for kitchen and bathroom use. The 500ml Bottle is durable and easy to transport, enabling products to be moved around.

Because of a surplus stock, we are currently selling 50 bottles per box at a reduced price of £18 per box, working out at just 30p per bottle before VAT.

If you would are interested in purchasing multiple boxes of 50, then please contact SylCreate via email to discuss a further reduction in the cost of a bulk purchase.