The Sylmasta range of modelling putties includes Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix A+B. They are the leading choice of the world's top model makers
Magic Sculp is one of several modelling epoxy putty supplied by Sylmasta to a global market

Modelling Epoxy Putty

We stock and supply several epoxy modelling putty products, including Kneadatite Green Stuff, Magic Sculp, Geomfix and Milliput. For those who work with more than one putty, then we have created a set of Modelling Putty Kits containing Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix at a cheaper price compared to buying individual putties separately.

Modelling Putty

Modelling Epoxy Putty from Sylmasta

Geomfix A+B Epoxy Putty is the original modelling putty from Sylmasta uses by model makers and restorers worldwide

Geomfix Original A+B

Geomfix sets harder than other putties, making it easier to handle. It is used to build bulk and has a fine, grain structure for holding detail. Popular with model makers and restorers

Geomfix Coloured Epoxy is a coloured modelling putty popular with model makers, jewellery makes and other crafts people

Geomfix Coloured

Coloured Geomfix available in 23 different colours, largely matching Swarovski crystals. Used for jewellery making, modelling, restoration and design projects

Magic Sculp is a modelling epoxy putty used by sculptors and model makers

Magic Sculp

Sculpting putty with a soft consistency which does not shrink or crack, even in large structures. It sets to an ultra-smooth finish. Used to create masters and convert existing models

Sylmasta Duro Green Stuff Reel is an epoxy putty strip used for detailed model making and carving

Green Stuff Reel (90cm)

Green Stuff gives a smooth, soft cut ideal for carving and adding fine detail. It has a stickiness to it which gives it elastic qualities and is malleable when set. Great for fantasy miniatures

Green Stuff Stick is a modelling putty in stick format from Sylmasta used for creating and adding fine details

Green Stuff Stick

Green Stuff Stick provides the yellow filler and blue hardener as separate sticks rather than one reel, enabling different quantities to be mixed for changing the properties of the putty

Superfast Wood Stick

Superfast Wood is a wood-filled epoxy stick specially formulated for restoration. It sets beige and can be sculpted, carved and shaped for creating wooden models or sculptures

Putty Kits

Putty Kits

SylCreate Modelling Putty Kits contain Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix Original at a cheaper cost compared to buying individual putties separately. There are numerous benefits to be had from combining different putties together in projects – if you would like to lean more, then please see our Showcase article on the benefits of mixing modelling putties.

The Modelling Putty Kit contains Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix A+B Original for use in a range of model making and sculpting tasks

Modelling Putty Kit

Green Stuff Stick, 250g Magic Sculp and 250g Geomfix Original in one Kit at a discount price compared to purchasing putties separately. The perfect Kit for every type of model making task

The Modelling Putty Kit contains Green Stuff, Magic Sculp and Geomfix A+B Original for use in a range of model making and sculpting tasks

Modelling Putty Kit XL

The XL Kit contains twice as much putty as the standard Modelling Putty Kit – 2 x Green Stuff Stick, 500g Magic Sculp and 500g Geomfix Original – at an even bigger discount compared to buying separately


Milliput Epoxy Putty

Milliput Epoxy Putty is a two-part, cold setting, non shrinking epoxy putty which is sold in cartons and comes in a range of colours. As well as model making and restoration work, Milliput is also used to repair many types of materials including metals, plastics, masonry, wood, glass and ceramics.

Milliput Standard Epoxy Putty sets to a dark yellow colour and is used for military, railway, farm and ship modelling

Milliput Standard

Milliput Standard is an all-purpose epoxy repair putty. It sets dark yellow and is used for all types of scale model making including military, railway, farm and ship

Milliput Superfine White is a fine epoxy putty used for the restoration of porcelain and other ceramics

Milliput Superfine White

A finer grade of Milliput which sets white. It is used for models where a fine finish is required and to repair and restore porcelain, other ceramics, antiques and china

Milliput Terracotta is a hard wearing epoxy putty used in exterior and garden restoration projects to statues, ornaments and brickwork

Milliput Terracotta

Terracotta coloured Milliput used to repair garden urns, pots, statuettes, damaged brickwork and other ornaments found in garden and exterior settings

Milliput Silver Grey is an epoxy putty used in applications which don't require significant amounts of detail such as garden ornaments and taxidermy

Milliput Silver Grey

Milliput Silver Grey cures to a stone colour. It is used in applications where less detail is required, including repair of garden ornaments, taxidermy and ceramic restoration

Milliput Black is a modelling epoxy putty which sets straight to black

Milliput Black

Black coloured Milliput which sets straight to black, making it ideal for applications where the user wants to create a black model or match a dark surface without the need for painting.

Milliput Turquoise Blue is an epoxy putty which sets to blue and is designed for woodturning, marbling and jewellery making

Milliput Turquoise Blue

Milliput Turquoise Blue sets to a blue colour. It is used in woodturning, sculpting, to create vibrant coloured jewellery, and for the repair and bonding of marble

Comparing Modelling Putties

Green Stuff is a favourite of wargamers. It is sticky with a smooth cut which holds fine details, making it suitable for intricate carving and adding fine details when converting existing models made from other epoxy putty. Once cured, it retains a degree of flexibility. It is malleable when set, allowing it to be bent into shape without breaking.

Magic Sculp has a fine grain structure and a soft consistency, meaning it does will not shrink or crack, even when formed in large structures. It can be smoothed with water to provide an ultra-smooth finish, making it popular with sculptors. In model making, Magic Sculp is used to create masters, assemble figures and carry out conversions.

Geomfix Original combines Green Stuff’s ability to hold fine detail with the hard finish of Magic Sculp, setting to a ceramic-like material. Its tough surface preserves fine details like facial features and it withstands vulcanising well. Model makers, china restorers, doll repairers, jewellery designers, pattern makers and industrial users all use Geomfix.

Geomfix Coloured is a coloured version of the Original. The standard range of colours match Swarovski crystals. Should a more specific colour be required, then we have the capability to custom-make Geomfix to virtually any colour. It is most commonly used in jewellery making, restoration, and model making, crafts and art tasks when the user is keen to avoid painting the cured putty.

Superfast Wood is an epoxy putty specially formulated to match the colour and texture of wood. It can be sculpted and carved to create wooden figures, as a filler to repair existing sculptures and structures, or for the bonding together of broken furniture.