Casting Accessories

As well as our Casting Kits, Resins and Moulding Rubbers, we also sell a selection of accessories which are useful tools to have in the casting and mould making process.

All of these accessories can be used in conjunction with SylCreate products and they have uses outside casting and mould making too.

Casting and Mould Making Accessories
12ml one-piece syringe with a curved tip which offers accurate dispensing of casting resins into the silicone rubber mould
3ml Polyurethane Pasteur Pipettes marked with 0.5ml graduations for dispensing activators, resins, colours and other liquids
Plasticine is used to fill part of a mould box during the creation of the first half of a split two-part silicone rubber mould
Reusable mixing cups with accurately marked 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 ratios for effortlessly mixing moulding rubbers and resins
Large sized wooden stirrers for easy mixing and application of liquid silicone moulding rubbers and casting resins