UHU Adhesives are used in a range of model making tasks

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As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of adhesives, UHU produce a selection of glue and epoxies for use in craft and model making projects.

UHU adhesives bond with wood, plastics, metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic, leather, rubber, felt, cork, fabrics, cardboard, paper and many other materials.

In glue form, UHU is a fast working and high strength adhesive. There are special formulations with have been specifically designed to be more effective on certain materials, including UHU Plast for bonding plastics and UHU Por for rigid materials including polystyrene.

UHU also produce two-part epoxy resins. These vary in working time and strength to cover a range of applications. For users who don’t wish to carry out the mixing process of two-part epoxies, then the Dual-Barrel Cartridge provides a user-friendly system of ensuring that the correct ratio of resin and hardener is mixed.

UHU Adhesives
UHU Plast is a specialist plastic glue with a fine needle-shaped nozzle that enables very precise application
UHU Schnellfest is a high strength two-part epoxy resin with a 5 minute working time which bonds to all materials
UHU Plus Endfest is an ultra strong, two-part epoxy adhesive with a 90 minute cure for complex bonding and repair tasks where time and care need to be taken
UHU Plus Endfest Dual-Barrel Cartridge extrudes both parts of UHU's ultra strong epoxy adhesive in perfectly measured ratios for a more user-friendly application

Home > Shop > Adhesives > UHU Glue