The Sylmasta Superglue Kit contains three different grades of Superglue and Activator for speeding up the bonding process in a range of tasks
Cyanoacrylate superglue is one example of an adhesive (non epoxy) used in model making and restoration tasks

Epoxy Adhesives for Scale Model Making, Craft & Restoration

We supply a range of adhesives for model making, craft tasks and restoration projects, including epoxy and superglues. We also offer specific adhesive formulations for bonding certain materials.

The Epoxy range consists of two-part epoxies which offer high strength adhesion. Also included in the Epoxy Adhesive range is the popular Hxtal NYL-1 Clear Epoxy for bonding ceramics, glass and pottery. Also effective on glass is UV Glass Bonding Adhesive, which only cures when exposed to UV light to give greater control over the process.

Sylmasta Superglues are fast setting cyanoacrylate superglues which bond to all materials. All three grades of Sylmasta Superglues can be purchased in one Sylmasta Superglue Kit. We also stock the UHU Epoxy range, designed with arts, craft and model making tasks in mind.

Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy Adhesives for Model Making & Restoration

Epoxy Adhesives are effective on all materials and provide high strength, durable, temperature resistant bonds with curing times ranging between 60 seconds and 2 hours.

Sylmasta Epoxies have a work time of 5-10 minutes. Rapid 5 Minute is effective on all materials and Metal Rapid 5 Minute is specially formulated for high strength adhesion to all types of metals.

Sylmasta Epoxies are available in both syringe or cartridge format. Syringes are 25ml with the two-parts of the adhesive pre-measured for consistency and easy mixing. Cartridges offer a greater quantity of adhesive supplied in separate parts. 50ml cartridges can be applied by hand. 200ml cartridges require an Applicator Gun.

We also sell Hxtal NYL-1 Clear Epoxy Adhesive. Hxtal NYL-1 is a crystal clear epoxy which remains completely transparent once applied, even after a long period of time of direct light exposure. It has been used by professional curators, art museums and glass artists worldwide, including the British Museum who repaired the priceless Portland Vase with Hxtal NYL-1.

Hxtal NYL-1 is a crystal clear epoxy adhesive which has exceptional non yellowing qualities. It is used to bond and repair ceramic and glass
Sylmasta Rapid 5 Minute Epoxy cures in 5 minutes, reducing holding time but still providing long enough for detailed glueing to taking place
Sylmasta Metal Epoxy has been specially formulated for excellent adhesion to metals. It has a rapid curing time of 5 minutes
The 50ml Cartridge Application Gun is used to apply 50ml cartridges of Sylmasta Epoxy Adhesive

Sylmasta Cyanoacrylate Superglue

Sylmasta Cyanoacrylate Superglues are fast-bonding for quick adhesion to all materials. Four different grades of superglue are available as well as a range of accessories to aid with the bonding process.

The four grades of Cyanoacrylate Superglue each have a different viscosity. Three of the grades – CAE1500 High Viscosity, CAE120 Multipurpose and CAE3 Penetrating – are available as part of the Sylmasta Superglue Kit. Also included in the Kit are Ultra-Fine Nozzles which allow for greater control over the application of Superglue by reducing beads and drops down to 0.5mm.

A Superglue Kit offers a cheaper cost per purchase than when buying items individually. The Superglue & Activator Kit includes additional Superglue Activator which speeds up the curing time of Superglue.

We also sell Superglue Debonder, used for breaking down superglue, tidying up applications and removing glue from hands.

The Sylmasta Superglue Kit contains three grades of Sylmasta Superglues and Nozzles at a reduced cost compared to buying each separately
The Sylmasta Superglue & Activator Kit comes with Activator for speeding up the bonding process of the three grades of Superglue
Sylmasta CAE1500 is a high viscosity superglue with a longer bonding time which is effective on most plastics, rubbers and metals
Sylmasta CAE120 is a multipurpose superglue which bonds within seconds to plastics, rubber, metal, porcelain, ceramics & wood
Sylmasta CAE3 is a low viscosity superglue with the consistency of water which flows easily into difficult areas
Ultra-Fine Nozzles allow for total control over the application of Sylmasta Superglues by applying beads and drops as small as 0.5mm
Superglue Activator 50ml protects porous materials and speeds up the curing time of Sylmasta Superglues
Superglue Activator 200ml comes in aerosol form and is sprayed onto Sylmasta glues to speed up curing time
Superglue Debonder breaks down superglue joints, removes glue from fingers and cleans up errant applications and spills
UHU Glue

UHU Glue & Adhesives

As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of adhesives, UHU produce a selection of epoxy for use in craft and model making projects. UHU adhesives bond with wood, plastics, metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic, leather, rubber, felt, cork, fabrics, cardboard, paper and many other materials.

UHU epoxy adhesives vary in working time and strength to cover a range of applications. For users who don’t wish to carry out the mixing process of two-part epoxies, then the Dual-Barrel Cartridge provides a user-friendly system of ensuring that the correct ratio of resin and hardener is mixed.

UHU Plast is a specialist plastic glue with a fine needle-shaped nozzle that enables very precise application
UHU Sofortfest is a two-part epoxy resin which bonds to all materials with an extra fast working time of two minutes
UHU Schnellfest is a high strength two-part epoxy resin with a 5 minute working time which bonds to all materials
UHU Plus Endfest is a super strength two-part epoxy adhesive with a long working time of 90 minutes
The Dual-Barrel Cartridge is a user-friendly method of ejecting both parts of UHU Plus Endfest Epoxy Resin with the correct mixing ratio
UV Glass Bonding

UV Glass Bonding Adhesive

UV Glass Adhesive is specially formulated for bonding and repairing glass. It only cures when exposed to UV light, giving greater control over the curing process. It is resistant to ageing, exhibits excellent strength and resists yellowing caused by exposure to the elements.

Sylmasta UV902 is ideal for bonding glass-to-glass, stainless steel, aluminium, steel, ceramics and most plastics. It can withstand the toughest of applications in glass construction, where the glass will fail before the bond. We also sell a 11W UV Lamp, required for the curing of UV Glass Adhesive. The Lamp features a sturdy base and directional arm for full flexibility.

UV902 is a medium viscosity adhesive used for high strength, shock resistant bonding of glass to glass, metal and most plastics
The 11W UV Lamp features a sturdy base and directional arm for full flexibility when curing Sylmasta UV Glass Adhesives